KEY ASPECT Cardiac Rehabilitation in Hamburg


We place special emphasis on out-patient cardiac rehabilitation – a long-term comprehensive care of heart disease patients. Our ultimate goals of this approach are the maintenance as well as the restoration of your cardiac and general physical fitness, in conjunction with a guide towards a healthier way of living – for optimal physical and mental health. You will undergo individualised personal instruction under medical supervision, which will allow you to follow your own schedule.

Out-patient rehabilitation lets you remain in your familiar surroundings and sleep at home while benefitting from all the possibilities of an in-patient rehabilitation. In addition, it will subsequently be easier for you to accommodate preventive measures and, if required, continued care in your daily life.


In close cooperation with your cardiologist, internist and/or general practitioner we will define the goals of your rehabilitation as well as your further treatment. In a dedicated 1:1 care under medical supervision we offer the following:

  • Physical examination (cardiac diagnosis)
  • Medical training therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Relaxation techniques such as yoga, shiatsu, and integrative breathing therapy
  • Medical training therapy & physiotherapy

Large studies have shown that physical activity lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Even after a myocardial infarction (heart attack) or cardiac surgery, cardiovascular training is important to restore or improve your physical performance. At LANS Cardio in Hamburg we rely on functional medical training therapy and physiotherapy. Next to physical activity we will also introduce you to relaxation techniques such as yoga and Pilates.


The training will take place daily or multiple times a week (several hours each time). Generally, out-patient rehabilitation lasts for three weeks. Thereafter, if required, continued care, e.g., in a cardiac sports group, is possible, if only in a 1:1 setting.