KEY ASPECT Cardiac Arrhythmias / Catheter Ablation

At LANS Cardio we offer individual consultation as well as a comprehensive package of diagnosis, therapy, and follow-up care of cardiac arrhythmias that is specifically tailored to our patients’ needs. We have at our disposal state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures (e.g., 12-channel long-term and multi-day electrocardiography, specifically developed smartwatch apps, external “loop recorders”, and miniaturised implantable monitor devices) to reliably diagnose cardiac arrhythmias, specifically those that occur in sudden bouts and for short periods of time; these are particularly difficult to detect or can only be diagnosed after a certain period of time.

Catheter Ablation

Cardiac arrhythmias associated with a rapid heart rate such as atrial fibrillation, tachycardia caused by congenital accessory atrioventricular (AV) pathways, or AV-nodal re-entrant tachycardia lend themselves to treatment by catheter ablation. This procedure allows to identify areas in the heart muscle that are responsible for triggering and/or maintaining the arrhythmia; once identified, electrical conduction through such areas can be eliminated (“ablated”) by heating or freezing the tissue with special catheters. Professor Kuck, a pioneer in the field of catheter ablation, will be at your side. He performs ablation procedures together with electrophysiologists at the UKSH Campus Lübeck. The treatment team has access to all current ablation modalities (e.g., high-frequency alternating current or cooling energy) to maximise the chances of success. Three-dimensional “mapping” systems provide high-resolution visualisation of the cardiac arrhythmia for a better understanding of the arrhythmia mechanism without using x-rays.